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Putin's army unsuccessfully uses the “creeping offensive” tactics in the Bakhmut direction – Ukrainian Armed Forces

ByJohn Newman

Apr 21, 2024

The Russian occupation army does not stop actively attracting various types of armored vehicles to attack the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Bakhmut direction, but from time to time it changes its approach to combat operations.

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About the fact that on this section of the front, Putin’s troops are intensively resorting to the use of the so-called “creeping offensive”, and the situation itself resembles the synchronicity of a “swing”, writes “NBN”, referring to the explanation voiced by the speaker of the 26th artillery brigade. ;them. Roman Dashkevich by Oleg Kalashnikov during the telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Kalashnikov, weather conditions are conducive to the occupiers carrying out active assault operations using both light armored infantry fighting vehicles and heavy tanks. In addition, sometimes Russian infantry is thrown into battle without the support of any equipment.

In particular, the “second army of the world” periodically uses such a “mix”, but armored vehicles are used more. Also, the work of enemy artillery on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the dropping of guided/adjustable aerial bombs (CABs) on the Ukrainian defense line do not stop, that is, not only on populated areas, “as was the case before.”

The speaker of the 26th artillery brigade added that the situation in the Bakhmut direction is “very difficult”, since the invaders achieved some successes, but not radical ones, due to the same “creeping offensive”. Also, the Defense Forces carry out their own counterattack actions, at the tactical level, occupying the firing positions of the “liberators”, and knocking out the Russians from their borders, and this is “quite unstable and resembles a swing.”

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