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Pensions of Ukrainians: how the amount of benefits will change after the April increase in the “minimum wage”

ByJohn Newman

Feb 17, 2024

Elderly citizens of our country can count not only on the March indexation of payments, since a similar increase in benefits will take place on April 1 – pensions will be recalculated due to an increase in the minimum wage (“minimum wage”).

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Pensions of Ukrainians: how the size of benefits will change after the April increase in the minimum wage

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About that at the moment some categories of Ukrainians receive guaranteed amounts of pension benefits —from&nbsp ;2 840 hryvnia, but soon everything will change for the better, writes NBN, citing material from Obozrevatel.

As it became known, the increase that will affect pensioners is related to  guarantees included in the norms of the current social legislation: Ukrainians who have reached 65 years of age and have fulfilled the requests of the Pension Fund regarding the amount of insurance experience (30 and 35 years for women and men, respectively), are given a reasonable right to a benefit in the amount of no less than 40 percent of the “minimum wage”.

Currently the “minimum wage” is 7 100 hryvnia, and the pension size of Ukrainians who have fulfilled the above requirements is from 2 840 hryvnia . However, from April 1, the minimum wage will rise to 8,000 hryvnia, “pulling up” the amount of the basic benefit for age to 3,200 hryvnia.

Earlier, we wrote about this how pension amounts will increase after the March indexation of payments.


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