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Putin announced the number of Russian troops currently fighting in Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Jan 27, 2024

The head of the aggressor country of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, assessed the number of Russian military personnel who are currently participating in battles on the territory of Ukraine. According to his assessment, more than half a million Russian military personnel are currently fighting at the front.

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Putin announced the number of Russian troops currently fighting in Ukraine

Photo – rbc.ru

As NBN reports “, this is stated in the material of Radio Liberty.

So, the Russian dictator Putin estimated the number of Russian soldiers who, as of today, are taking part in hostilities in Ukraine. According to him, this is almost 600 thousand Russian soldiers. This is almost half of the regular strength of the Russian army. Also, this number is almost equal to the officially named number of contract soldiers.

According to Putin’s decree, which he signed in December, the regular number of Russian military personnel in the Russian army increased by 130 thousand people to 1,320,000, including 130 thousand conscripts. In other words, according to Putin, almost 45 percent of Russia's regular military personnel are taking part in battles on Ukrainian territory. With all this, Putin’s assessment is not subject to independent verification and may differ from reality.

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