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Putin called the “reason” for continuing the prisoner exchange with Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Feb 1, 2024

Today, January 31, Ukraine again managed to return 207 defenders from enemy captivity – 180 privates and sergeants, including 27 officers, and, apparently, this practice, according to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, will be continued.

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Putin named the “reason” for continuing the prisoner exchange with Ukraine

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The fact that, according to the Kremlin tyrant Putin, the terrorist state controlled by him does not yet intend to stop the relatively regular exchange of prisoners of war, writes NBN, citing the Interfax-Russia material.

According to Putin , the recent crash of the Il-76 will not stop the exchange process with Ukraine, since Moscow needs to quickly pick up “its guys.” In addition, according to the head of the terrorist state, the alleged percentage ratio of Russian and Ukrainian prisoners of war is “1 to 10”: on the territory of the Russian Federation, according to the dictator, there are thousands of captive citizens of our country, while Ukraine has , there are only a few dozen “good Russians”, which, in in fact, somewhat contradicts the real numbers.

Putin emphasized:

And they [Ukraine] constantly give us a signal that they are ready. Well, ready please.

Earlier we wrote about that Ermak reported about the exchange of prisoners of war that took place on January 31.


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