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The CNS explained why the Russian Federation is able to quickly “absorb” Belarus

ByJohn Newman

Jan 31, 2024

The Russian Federation is using any available means to finally assimilate the territory of the neighboring “sovereign” state of Belarus, not only due to the most conducive actions of the puppet government of Alexander Lukashenko in the latter.

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About the fact that at the recent meeting of the “Council of the Union State”, held on Monday, January 29 in St. Petersburg, both interested parties decided to form another mouthpiece of Russian propaganda – a joint news agency, but that's not all, writes NBN, citing material from the Center for National Resistance (CNS).

In addition All of the above, one of the key, very important decisions of such a “congress” was the conclusion of a number of agreements regarding the mutual integration of the military-industrial complexes of both countries, joint border detachments and the same “development of the railway.” Thus, in fact, the case concerns the work of the Belarusian defense industry against Ukraine, with the simultaneous absorption of the Belarusian railway Russian Railways and the elimination of the remnants of the sovereignty of Belarus through the dissolution of its army.

In addition, at the said meeting reached agreements regarding the “coordination” of youth policy—simply, the subsequent Russification of Belarusian youth.

Earlier, we wrote about how Budanov assessed the likelihood of Belarus being fully involved in the war with Ukraine on its side Putin.


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