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Putin commented on the crash of Il-76 “with prisoners on board”

ByJohn Newman

Jan 26, 2024

Russian leader Vladimir Putin commented on the crash of the Russian Il-76, which occurred in the Bryansk region (Russia). He actually repeated the statement that the defense department of the occupying country of the Russian Federation had previously made.

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Putin commented on the crash of Il-76 “with prisoners on board”

Photo -ria.ru

As NBN reports, Russian media write about this, including RBC,

Putin actually repeated the previous statement  Russian Ministry of Defense regarding the fact that “there were Ukrainian servicemen on board the aircraft.”

According to Putin, what happened “could in no way be friendly fire from Russian air defense forces.”   

Verbatim from Putin’s statement:

Sixty-five people. We didn’t just bring them there. And the Main Intelligence Directorate and the Armed Forces of Ukraine knew about this, that we were taking 65 military personnel there. And in total, as I recall, 190 were planned… Now it is still unknown whether the Ukrainian side did it on purpose or by mistake, but it is obvious that this was their doing…

According to the statement of the Russian dictator, two missile launches were recorded. And this was done from territories controlled by Kyiv. The plane was hit literally within 2-3 minutes. Putin concluded that it was almost impossible to respond to this.

Recall that we previously wrote that Ombudsman Lubinets spoke about the list of Ukrainian prisoners of war, which was actively disseminated by the Kremlin’s top propagandist Simonyan.


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