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RosSMI revealed the losses of equipment of the invaders as a result of the attack on the airfield in Dzhankoy

ByJohn Newman

Apr 17, 2024

On the night of Wednesday, April 17, explosions occurred in the temporarily captured Dzhankoy, and the military airfield of Putin’s army came under attack. Russian media reported the losses of the occupiers' equipment as a result of the attack.

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RosSMI revealed the losses of the invaders' equipment as a result of the attack on the airfield in Dzhankoy

Photo – facebook .com/128brigade

The Russian Telegram channel “Kremlin snuffbox” writes that the Ukrainian Defense Forces fired missiles at the airfield of the “second army of the world” in Dzhankoy in the temporarily occupied Crimea at night, NBN reports.

It is reported that the Russian occupation forces completely lost three helicopters as a result of the missile attack, one may be able to be restored.

In particular, the missile attack on the air base “killed” two Ka-52 Alligator reconnaissance and attack helicopters and two Mi-28 attack helicopters. In addition, the S-300 air defense system of the aggressor country's troops was hit – the installation was also lost.

Note that residents of Dzhankoy reported explosions at night. After the “claps,” a strong fire broke out in the area of ​​the invaders’ military airfield. The Internet stated that satellite images recorded six fires on the territory of the airbase and near it.


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