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Security measures will be strengthened in the capital due to the threat of Russian strikes and possible penetration of the DRG: the KGVA showed a list of changes

ByJohn Newman

Mar 28, 2024

The Defense Council of the capital of our country convened an operational meeting against the backdrop of the Kremlin’s recent “messages” regarding the increase in the number of missile attacks on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine and Kiev.

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Security measures will be strengthened in the capital due to the threat of strikes by the Russian Federation and possible penetration of the DRG: a list of changes was shown at the KGVA

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NBN writes about a number of decisions that were made at the above-described meeting, citing the Telegram channel of the Kiev City Military Administration (KGVA).

In addition to shelling from the Russian Federation, in the administration indicate a high degree of probability of attempts to “infiltrate” Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups (DRGs) into the city, including the activation of the intelligence network of the intelligence services of the aggressor country with the purpose of destabilizing the situation in Kiev, and because:

  • the topics for carrying out events in Kiev will be urgently worked out (subject to the involvement of a large number of people at such events);
  • regulatory and administrative documentation will be adjusted regarding the schedule of the functioning of public transport, sports/cultural/educational/medical/entertainment events, as well as security measures in places where residents and guests of the capital gather;
  • security and military structures will have to expand the range of attention in places where people gather, ensuring compliance with the rules of public safety and law and order in Kiev ;
  • the relevant authorities are entrusted with providing timely/regular access of the population to shelters/shelters, not excluding the preparation of “Indestructibility Points” for deployment.

Previously we&nbsp ;wrote that Gumenyuk explained the disappearance of Russian missiles from radar screens during the night attack on Ukraine on March 28.


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