• 23/04/2024 20:05

Setting up Windows 11 will become easier: the OS will have an “instant reinstall” button without data loss

Bill Gates' company has begun testing an innovative operating system (OS) function that allows you to quickly “bypass” problematic and time-consuming steps when reinstalling Windows 11.

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NBN writes about the fact that the above-described “add-on” will help inexperienced users save not only personal data, but also the settings of all applications, referring to the official Microsoft page.

As it became known, the innovation appeared in the beta version of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25905: the option to reinstall the OS is in the Settings menu => “System” => “Recovery” => “Fix problems with Windows Update.”

The method described above, in contrast to resetting to factory settings, saves all information and installed programs. In addition, Microsoft promises that the one-button reinstallation process will take significantly less time than restoring Windows 11 with preliminary saving using the Microsoft Media Creation Tool application.

It is assumed that the public version of Windows 11 with this, and  other unique features, will be released no later than February 2024.

Setting up Windows 11 will become easier: an “instant reinstall” button will appear in the OS without loss data

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