• 20/04/2024 18:57

The Ministry of Finance showed how state budget funds allocated for national defense are distributed

Only in the past months of this year, the expenditure part of the Ukrainian budget intended to cover the needs of security and national defense amounted to 1.55 trillion hryvnia.

The Ministry of Finance showed how state budget funds are distributed, aimed at national defense

Photo – minfin.com.ua

About what targets were directed 59.2 percent of the total expenditures of the general fund of the state budget at UAH 168.2 billion, writes NBN, referring to the official Facebook account of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

As it became known, for the above amounts of funds, financed by tax revenues, as well as through the massive purchase of war bonds, were able to:

  • provide monetary allowances to the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (both private and senior ranks), as well as law enforcement officers;< /li>
  • purchase military/special equipment, weapons, ammunition, defense equipment, personal protective equipment (helmets, body armor and other special equipment), fuel/lubricant and food products;
  • purchase medications ;
  • cover other types of costs.

Earlier, our information portal wrote about where the funds provided to Ukraine by the World Bank went.


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