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Shelling of the Kherson region on February 11: the OVA named the number and types of attacks by the Russian Federation, reporting the consequences

ByJohn Newman

Feb 13, 2024

Putin’s army constantly carries out various types of attacks from the left bank of the Dnieper to the right bank of the liberated region, and on this day off the occupiers “distinguished themselves” again.

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Shelling of the Kherson region on February 11: in OVA named the number and types of Russian attacks, reporting the consequences

Photo – glavnoe.in.ua

NBN writes about the fact that since the morning of this Sunday, February 11, the invaders have been shelling the Kherson region from various weapons systems, citing information published in the Telegram channel of the head of the local regional military administration, Alexander Prokudin. .

As it became known, Russian planes carried out an attack on the territory of the Berislavsky district, hitting civilian objects in the village of Monastyrskoye with two adjustable aerial bombs, wounding a 43-year-old man who was in his own yard at the time of the attack – the victim has already been taken to the hospital with a penetrating injury to the face, where he was treated.

In addition, as a result of an identical “arrival” that landed near the house, a 67-year-old local resident sought medical help—the victim had shrapnel wounds to the head , but he refused hospitalization.

Russian terrorists dropped two more similar ammunition on Kachkarovka  – there is no information about damage and injuries yet.

Also, against the local civilian population, the “second army of the world” does not stop using FPV drones: as a result of dropping explosives from a similar drone, a house in Zolotaya Balka caught fire, but, fortunately, there were no casualties.

In addition to all of the above, 6 more drone attacks were recorded in the center of Berislav.

Earlier, we wrote that the Southern Defense Forces told how the defenders managed to hold positions on the left bank of the Kherson region.


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