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Stefanishyna named Ukraine's two main allies who oppose its invitation to NATO

ByJohn Newman

Mar 22, 2024

Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olga Stefanishyna said that Ukraine’s two main partners are against inviting our country to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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Stefanishina named two main allies Ukraine, who oppose its invitation to NATO

Photo – rbc.ua

During a speech at the “Kiev Security Forum” Stefanishin reported that the United States and Germany do not create opportunities for developing a dialogue on inviting our country to NATO, NBN reports.

The Vice Prime Minister noted that the allies themselves now do not believe in the North Atlantic Alliance and are not considering this military-political bloc as a platform on which discussions can be held on security guarantees for Kyiv. In addition, they do not believe that the organization can offer our country mechanisms for its protection or political support.

Stephanishina said that at the summit in Vilnius, all 29 members of the organization supported inviting Ukraine to NATO. Of these, 9 states, the eastern flank, blocked the remaining decisions. However, it is the States and Germany that do not allow the development of dialogue about our country in the Alliance.

Recall that the NATO Secretary General spoke about sending the organization’s troops to Ukraine.


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