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Stoltenberg told what types of weapons Ukraine will produce jointly with the EU

ByJohn Newman

Feb 14, 2024

Last November, the European Commission informed that the EU defense industry development strategy should take into account the needs and production capacities of our country, and now it has become known how the military-industrial complex (military-industrial complex) of Ukraine and Europe will work.

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Stoltenberg told what types of weapons Ukraine will produce jointly with the EU

Photo – unian.net

About that Ukraine and the European Union will begin to jointly produce not only artillery shells, but also innovative types of military equipment, NBN writes, citing a statement by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, made on the NATONews YouTube channel.

According to Stoltenberg, NATO member countries are already working closely with the Ukrainian defense industry. However, the efforts of all allies of the Alliance, including EU states, should now be aimed at large-scale strengthening of the military-industrial complex of our country.

In particular, since the Ukrainians have shown “ingenuity and skills” regarding the production of large volumes of weapons or the development of new weapons, and, to a large extent, a combination of heterogeneous types of technologies.

The case concerns the production of various drones that allow inflicting huge losses on occupying forces far behind the front line, including attacks on Russian ships in the Black Sea , at the same time, mutual cooperation will be expanded not only in the production of 155-mm caliber shells, but also in the latest types of weapons.

We previously wrote about how Stoltenberg assessed the duration of the likely confrontation between NATO and the Russian Federation.


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