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Supporters of Usik and Fury staged a bloody brawl in Riyadh (video)

ByJohn Newman

May 14, 2024

There are less than weeks left before the decisive title fight between Ukrainian Alexander Usik and Briton Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury for the title of “absolute” – the fight will take place on May 18 in the capital of Saudi Arabia.

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Support for Usyk and Fury staged a bloody brawl in Riyadh (video)

Photo – screenshot of Twitter video.

About the fact that John Fury, who is the father of the “Gypsy King,” today, May 13, was unable to keep his “suspended” emotional state in his hands, splashing it out on those around him, in particular, attacking representative of the team is our compatriot, writes “NBN”, referring to the video posted in the official X-account of the sports podcaster TrueGeordieTG.

As it became known from the first video, the Briton first hit his head in the face of someone – from Usik’s team, and, naturally, cut his forehead. At the moment, little is known about the reasons for such unsportsmanlike behavior that provoked the conflict, but in the fragment you can hear the crowd chanting “Usyk!!!” before this “performance.”

However, , the matter didn’t end there— Fury Sr. once again tried to break through to Usik’s team, but they managed to keep him away, which can be seen in the X-account of I_amMukhtar.

We previously wrote about ;the way Fury’s promoter spoke about the “Gypsy King’s” readiness for a fight with Usyk.


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