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Sweden will significantly increase support for refugees in 2024: what amounts will Ukrainians be able to count on?

ByJohn Newman

Feb 10, 2024

This year, the Swedish government plans to significantly expand assistance to Ukrainian refugees, against the backdrop of the fact that in their native country, regarding internally displaced persons, they made a completely opposite decision.

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Sweden will significantly increase support for refugees in 2024: what amounts can Ukrainians expect

Photo – tv4.se

About the fact that Ukrainians who travel to Sweden will not only be provided with a social security number, thus opening access to numerous services, but will also simultaneously increase the amount of social assistance, writes NBN , referring to the material from the local publication TV4.

As it became known, all of the above changes have been included in the new bill, which, if approved by Swedish legislators, will come into force in the fall of 2024 : Ukrainian citizens temporarily staying in this state will be able to get a completely different type of access to medical services, BankID, and will receive the right to increased material support, in addition to connecting to an educational program in Swedish and labor exchange services.

It should be noted that the daily amount of financial assistance to refugees, with the arrival of autumn, may change as follows: instead of 71 Swedish crowns (6.3 euros), Ukrainians will be paid 308 Swedish crowns (27.3 euros), or 820 ;euro/monthly, provided that the person has been in the country for more than 1 year.

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