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The 92nd Specialized Brigade spoke about the nuances of “hidden mobilization” that the Russian Federation intensified to recruit 300,000 people

ByJohn Newman

Apr 6, 2024

At the beginning of this month, President Vladimir Zelensky issued a warning that Russia was preparing to mobilize another 300,000 people by the summer, and now it has become known in what ways the aggressor country is trying to cover its needs for “manpower.”

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Photo – unn.com.ua

About the fact that the process of so-called “hidden mobilization” has begun on the territory of the Russian Federation, in particular , several “recruiting programs” have been launched, writes “NBN”, citing the explanation of the commander of the Achilles UAV battalion of the 92nd Brigade, Yuri Fedorenko, published by the portal LIGA.net

In particular, the authorities of the terrorist state financially motivate potential occupiers by offering certain remuneration amounts for signing a contract:

  • in Moscow —from 6 000 to 8 000 dollars (from 233 000 to 310  000 hryvnia);
  • in St. Petersburg —about 5 000 dollars (about 194 000 hryvnia).

The military officer noted that such “ hidden mobilization” is aimed at Russians from the “outback”, who are forced to exist on credit funds, and do not even understand what life can be like outside the formula “stole – drank – to prison”, and such the sums for them are “huge money.”

Earlier we wrote about how Podolyak answered whether the terrorist attack in the Moscow region will affect the course of mobilization in the Russian Federation.


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