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The OPU explained Ermak’s statement about Russia’s preparation of an attack on Kharkov

ByJohn Newman

Apr 6, 2024

The day before, information appeared in Politico – the head of the OPU Andrei Ermak said that Putin’s army is preparing for a big offensive in the Kharkov region, and that is why it has increased the frequency of strikes, especially in recent weeks.

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The OPU explained Ermak's statement about Russia's preparation for an attack on Kharkov

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About that , how the understatement was commented on in Ermak’s recent statement regarding the intensification of shelling by the Russian occupation forces of the administrative center of the Kharkov region, writes NBN, citing a laconic explanation published in the official Telegram channel of the adviser on communications issues to the head of the OPU Daria Zarivna.

According to the press secretary of the head of the OPU, in the material of the publication described above, the speech only touched upon the intensification of missile attacks by the Russian Federation on Kharkov, since now for the Russian elite this city has become a key target of shelling.

In addition, Zarivnaya separately emphasized that no statements regarding a possible attack on Kharkov were made by the head of the Office of President Ermak during the interview.

Earlier, our information portal wrote that Yevlash told why it is difficult for Ukrainian air defense forces to repel air attacks of the invaders on Kharkov.


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