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The dermatologist explained how to choose and apply sunscreen correctly

ByJohn Newman

May 8, 2024

During the warm season, it is very important not to neglect the use of sunscreen to prevent skin cancer. Dermatologist Natalya Ilchuk explained how to choose a product and apply it.

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The dermatologist explained how to choose and apply sunscreen correctly

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In a conversation with Angelina Usanova, the dermatologist noted that for the beauty and youth of facial skin, sunscreen should be used all year round: During the cold period, the level of protection may be lower – SPF 20-30, in spring and summer – SPF 50, informs NBN.

The doctor said that there are two types of sunscreens – physical and chemical filters. The first version of the cream has a dense texture, whitens the skin, creating a “screen” on it that reflects the sun’s rays.

According to the expert, sunscreen with physical filters is suitable for use during vacation. In addition, it is less irritating to the skin since it is not absorbed by it. This product is necessary for children, pregnant women and people who have chronic dermatoses.

As Ilchuk explained, sunscreen with chemical filters is absorbed by the skin and transforms the sun's rays. The product has a light texture, does not whiten the skin, does not clog pores, and is suitable under makeup.

This product is not suitable for relaxation, but it is a good option for daily use. You need to apply it 20-30 minutes before leaving the house.

The dermatologist emphasized that you need to follow the “two fingers” rule when applying sunscreen to your face – this is approximately 1.5 ml of product. If you take less of it, the protection will not be SPF 50, but SPF 10 and will last for a maximum of five minutes.

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