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The enemy is putting a lot of pressure on him, he doesn’t spare the KABA – the 3rd Brigade spoke about the battles in the Avdeevka area

ByJohn Newman

Feb 26, 2024

Junior sergeant of the BpAK battalion, 3rd separate assault brigade Anatoly Nikitin, call sign “Beton,” spoke about the progress of the fighting in the Avdeevka area of ​​the Donetsk region. According to the defender, the “second army of the world” constantly carries out assaults and actively uses aerial bombs.

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The enemy is putting a lot of pressure, does not spare KABA - in the 3rd Special Brigade they spoke about the battles in the area Avdiivka

Photo – facebook.com/JointForcesCommandAFU

A soldier on Hromadske Radio reported that the situation in the vicinity of Avdiivka remains very tense, Putin’s army is pressing, continuing to storm the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the involvement of a large number of manpower. At the same time, the enemy practically does not use heavy equipment, NBN reports.

According to Nikitin, Russian “liberators” have significantly increased the intensity of air strikes in the area of ​​the temporarily captured city. The occupiers do not spare the KABs in an attempt to oust the Defense Forces. First they drop bombs, and then they bring a large number of infantry into battle.

The defender noted that the “second army of the world” aimed at capturing Lastochkino, Pervomaisky, Orlovka and other settlements near Avdievka.

“Beton” added that during the battles the invaders suffer losses that are difficult to estimate, but the fields between Avdiivka and Lastochkino are covered with hundreds of bodies of the “two hundredth” invaders.

Earlier, a representative of the 3rd Special Brigade explained the tactics Putin's army in Avdeevka is different from the one in Bakhmut, Donetsk region.


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