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The EU will form a military aid fund for Ukraine: what made Orban refuse to block funds

ByJohn Newman

Jan 25, 2024

In December 2023, Hungary used its voice in the European Council to veto a separate financial aid package for Ukraine, providing for the allocation of 50 billion euros, and this forced the heads of EU member states to meet again a week later in Brussels, with the aim of either finding compromise solutions with Budapest, or bypassing the blockade, and today it became known what the European leaders came to.

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 The EU will form a military aid fund for Ukraine: what made Orban refuse to block funds

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About the fact that Hungary will no longer object to the creation of a military assistance fund for Ukraine, but for a smaller amount – 5 billion euros, and such changes open the way to an agreement regarding the revision of the rules of the mechanism ensuring stability of supplies ammunition and weapons systems to our state, writes NBN, citing Bloomberg material.

It should be noted that, contrary to what the Hungarian government had previously stated regarding its own stable position opposing reform of the current mechanism  The EU, which reimburses member countries for weapons sent to Ukraine, has now been informed in Budapest of its refusal to obstruct the achievement of consensus at the meeting of European Union ambassadors.

Bloomberg sources are confident that all of the above-described adjustments to the early Hungarian policy is related to the growing pressure on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to approve Sweden's entry into NATO, among other things.

We previously wrote about the fact that the European Union warned about ;readiness to radical action if Orban continues to block aid to Ukraine.


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