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The European Commission commented on Putin’s statements in his address to the Federal Assembly

ByJohn Newman

Mar 1, 2024

Press Secretary of the European Commission for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Peter Stano commented on the aggressive statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly on February 29.

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The European Commission commented on Putin's statements in his address to the Federal Assembly

Photo – EPA

During a briefing in Brussels, the EC foreign policy representative noted that the Kremlin dictator’s message to the Federal Assembly must be looked at in context his upcoming “re-election” to the post of President of the Russian Federation in March.

NBN reports about this with reference to the publication “European Truth”.

According to Stano, at the same time the military the criminal tried to deny responsibility for the invasion of Ukraine. The official said that Putin's speech today is another opportunity for the Russian leader to spread lies that are well known to everyone.

The representative of the European Commission added that the head of the Kremlin continues to deceive his fellow citizens, and also misleads the public in other countries, after all, there are still people who continue to listen to him.

Let us recall that Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk also commented on the statements of the head of the Russian Federation during his address to the Federal Assembly. The representative of Warsaw called on the West to “wake up” and prepare for a possible threat from a terrorist state.


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