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The Pentagon believes that if Ukraine loses the war, then the entire NATO will have to fight Russia

ByJohn Newman

Feb 29, 2024

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin voiced his forecast if Ukraine loses the war with Russia.

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As NBN reports with reference to European Pravda, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin claims that if Ukraine loses in a full-scale war with the Russian Federation, Putin’s troops will have to fight with the entire North Atlantic Alliance.

So, according to Lloyd Austin, the approval of the next aid for Kiev is very important in order to prevent that situation in the world , where one state can redraw the borders of its neighbors and illegitimately seize their sovereign territories.

Verbatim from Austin's statement:

We know: if Putin succeeds, he will not stop. He will continue to be more aggressive in the region. And other leaders around the world, other autocrats, will look at this and they will be encouraged by the fact that this happened and we failed to support a democratic state.

Although a little later Austin clarified, that if Ukraine loses at the front, the Baltic states will be under threat first of all.

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