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The financier predicted the “corridor” of the cash and interbank dollar exchange rates from May 13 to May 20

ByJohn Newman

May 12, 2024

On Monday, May 13, the bank regulator set the official exchange rate of the American currency at 39.72 hryvnia/dollar, and now it has become known how the hryvnia will behave during the week.

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The fact that the coming week may turn out to be quite “interesting”, given the fluctuations of the national currency relative to the American one, writes NBN, citing the opinion of Taras Lesovoy, head of the treasury department of Globus Bank, published by RBC -Ukraine.”

Based on Lesovoy’s words, despite daily variability, the total “picture” based on the results of May 13-19, that is, during the banking week, is expected to be quite expected, and the key factors influencing market indicators will look like this :

  • currency “variations” on the interbank (“interbank”) and cash foreign exchange markets will remain at the same level—from 39 to 40 hryvnia/dollar and from 39 to 41 hryvnia/dollar, respectively;
  • phases of daily exchange rate fluctuations—up to 0.2-0.3 hryvnia (on the interbank market), up to 0.3-0. 5 hryvnia (in commercial banks) and up to 0.5 hryvnia (in exchange offices).

Thus, the average difference between the interbank and cash market rates will reach a level of ;0.5-0.7 hryvnia, and similar weekly deviations range from 1.5 percent to 2 percent (when compared with the starting rate of the week).

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