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The Ministry of Digital Development announced the mutual integration of Dii and the Polish analogue of mObywatel

ByJohn Newman

May 12, 2024

Thanks to the state application “Dіya”, citizens of Ukraine already have the opportunity to automatically confirm the legality of their stay in Poland, which expands the opportunities for refugees to travel across European countries, since such an e-document is recognized throughout the European Union, but also that's not all.

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On the fact that the full digitalization of all joint/identical services is one of the directions of mutual cooperation between Kiev and Warsaw at this stage, writes NBN, referring to the information announced Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Digitalization of Poland Krzysztof Gawkowski and his colleague Mikhail Fedorov, published on the official page of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

As it became known, Ukraine and Poland have established close cooperation in IT development -spheres, development of artificial intelligence capabilities and electronic control. In addition, within the framework of one of the latest agreements, the simultaneous interaction of Dii and the Polish mObywatel will be agreed upon.

It should be recalled that mObywatel is an identical state application, which Poland does not stop developing in ;for several years. For example, in July last year, an update to version 2.0 was released, which equated the Polish Digital ID to plastic cards: “Document” in “Dii” has the same force in our country.

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