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The goal is not only terror: Ignat explained why the Russian Federation is increasing the number of massive attacks

ByJohn Newman

Jan 2, 2024

Speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Colonel Yuriy Ignat, commented on the intensification of missile attacks by Russian troops on Ukraine. The military man explained why the aggressor country is increasing the number of massive attacks.

The goal is not only terror: Ignat told why the Russian Federation is increasing the number of massive attacks

Photo – mil.in.ua

On the “We are Ukraine” TV channel, a representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine explained that the command of the Russian Armed Forces gives orders to the invaders to carry out massive attacks on our country, not only for the purpose of terrorism, NBN reports. .

According to the colonel, the “second army of the world” intensified shelling of Ukraine so that the Kremlin could show the Russians some results of a full-scale invasion of a neighboring state.

The Air Force speaker noted that terrorism – the calling card of an aggressor country, whose goals are to break the Ukrainians and force them to submit to the “empire.” Moscow also needs to show the citizens of the Russian Federation that the invaders are delivering retaliatory strikes, for which the Ministry of Defense comes up with “achievements” of Putin’s army in reports.

Ignat noted that the Kremlin seeks to demonstrate the “valor and power” of its troops, but sometimes it happens so that the occupiers' missiles fall on the heads of the inhabitants of the terrorist state.

Recall that today, during a massive attack of the invaders on Ukraine, an aircraft shell fell in a village in the Voronezh region. The Russian Defense Ministry tried to justify itself for the large-scale destruction.


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