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Zelensky told what battle will become the epicenter of the war with Russia

ByJohn Newman

Jan 2, 2024

Head of State Vladimir Zelensky, in an interview with Western media, did not disclose Ukraine’s military plans for this year, but said which battle would become the epicenter of the war against the Russian Federation.

Zelensky told what battle will become the epicenter of the war with Russia

Photo – president.gov.ua

The President, in an interview with The Economist, recalled that last year there was a leak of information on the eve of the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the summer helped the Russian invaders strengthen their defenses. For this reason, Zelensky did not say anything about Ukraine’s military plans for 2024, NBN reports.

At the same time, the head of state voiced the message that the epicenter of the war with the Russian Federation would be Crimea and the related battle on Black Sea. The Guarantor explained that the degradation of the military potential of the “second army of the world” on the peninsula occupied since 2014 is very important for Ukraine, as this will reduce the number of shellings from this region.

Zelensky is convinced that the successful operation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the territory Crimea will become an example for the whole world and will have a great effect inside the Russian Federation, because the Russians will see that thousands of invaders died because of the ambitions of the Kremlin dictator.

At the same time, the Ukrainian leader noted that the speed of any success of the defenders depends on the military help from Kyiv's Western allies. In particular, Ukraine wants to receive Taurus cruise missiles from Germany, with the help of which the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be able to destroy the Crimean Bridge.

Also in the interview, the president explained why with the holding of elections we can forget about the counter-offensive and the liberation of the occupied regions.


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