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The head of the National Bank named the amount of international assistance that could be provided to Ukraine in 2024

ByJohn Newman

May 4, 2024

During the entire time that has passed since the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Kiev has received quite powerful support from Western countries – at least $75 billion, and, apparently, the scale of assistance will continue to grow.

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The head of the National Bank named the amount of international assistance that can be provided to Ukraine in 2024

Photo – ukrinform.ua

About the fact that since the government of Ukraine has fulfilled all its obligations regarding the IMF program, and therefore the partner states will continue to adhere to their intentions in providing support in 2024, expanding financing, writes NBN, referring to ;a forecast published in the official Facebook profile of the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Andrey Pyshny.

According to Pyshny, the current war has provoked the loss of 30 percent of the Ukrainian economy, and the losses from the destruction reach hundreds of billions of dollars, which caused a colossal need to continue financing the state budget, the expenditure part of which cannot be covered “at the expense of the wounded Ukrainian economy.”

The head of the bank regulator emphasized:

The basic scenario of the NBU determines that this year will bring us financing exactly for the amount we expect – about 38 ;billion dollars.

Earlier, we wrote about that analysts assessed the damage to civil infrastructure in regions of Ukraine.


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