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The Main Intelligence Directorate confirmed a successful strike on an oil pipeline in the Russian Federation, releasing footage of the “arrival” (video)

ByJohn Newman

Apr 6, 2024

The last time employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense carried out an identical attack with strike drones at a refinery in Nizhnekamsk (Tatarstan), they hit the primary distillation unit for “black gold” on April 2, and now another similar “action” has followed.

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Photo – ukrinform.ua

About the fact that in the Rostov region of the aggressor country an oil pipeline was blown up today, and this will greatly complicate the supply of fuel to the invaders, writes NBN, citing to the official Facebook account of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

As it became known, on the night of this Saturday, April 6, near the settlement of Azov in the Rostov region, due to the explosion of the pipeline through which fuel was pumped from the ;local oil depot into tankers (through the infrastructure of the Azov seaport), the loading of enemy ships with petroleum products was interrupted for an indefinite period.

It should be noted that the above-described facility was actively used by the Russian authorities for military purposes, to support warfare genocidal hostilities against Ukraine.

Earlier, we wrote that ISW explained why Ukrainian strikes on airfields of the Russian Federation will significantly reduce the capabilities of enemy strategic aviation.


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