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The media found out the reasons why Dovbik refused to move from Girona to the grand clubs of Britain

ByJohn Newman

Jan 5, 2024

The factors that led Girona to their current leadership were the clear success of Artem Dovbik (11 goals in 17 matches gave enough points), who showed coach Michel what every champion team needs: an inspiring goalscorer.

The media found out the reasons why Dovbik refused to move from Girona to the grand clubs of Britain

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About the fact that the adventure of Girona sporting director Quique Carcel with a forward from a war-torn country is one of the greatest successes, thanks to his breakthrough in La Liga, but the Ukrainian is already being “looked at” other grand clubs, including Chelsea, writes NBN, citing the MundoDeportivo material.

Simeone's interest in Dovbik's transfer to Atlético Madrid was already mentioned this summer, but now it has become known about the two most needy Big Six teams who would not be against getting the Ukrainian to the Premier League. right now. One of them is Tottenham – the British have a very good coach and are now looking for some consistency, ideally replacing Harry Kane to get into the next Champions League. The second club is Chelsea, which is lost in the middle of the standings, but has endless money to sign.

However, Girona made reasonable conclusions—Dovbik’s transfer in financial terms will become “bread for today, and hunger for tomorrow.” Of course, dizzying offers from the capital of Great Britain could somewhat “improve” Dovbik’s life, but in the Spanish club he was awarded a “high title”, and also intends to play in the next “Champions League”, and in the “Champions League” Chelsea will not achieve either of these, despite the fact that “money is the great master.”

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