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The Ministry of Economy told how the average dollar exchange rate will fluctuate in 2024-2025

ByJohn Newman

Apr 25, 2024

At the beginning of this week, the US currency rate increased by 1 percent, reaching a historical high on April 22 (39.78 hryvnia/dollar), but by Thursday, April 25, it dropped slightly to 39.47 hryvnia /dollar

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The Ministry of Economy told how the average dollar exchange rate will fluctuate in 2024-2025

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About the fact that, in accordance with the vision of analysts, the dollar on the country’s domestic foreign exchange market will continue its growth trend until the end of this year, writes NBN, referring to the consensus forecast data (April 2024), provided by private experts and functionaries of the state apparatus, and published on the official page of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

The above document was compiled on the basis of forecasting of two categories of experts, those who are optimistic (they believe the war with the Russian Federation will end this year), and those who do not believe too much in the withdrawal of Russian occupation troops from Ukraine in the near future.

In particular, in accordance with the combined forecasts of analysts, the average value of the exchange rate during the spring-autumn-winter will be 40.33 hryvnia/dollar, reaching a level of 41 by the end of 2024 .67 hryvnia/dollar.

In addition, according to the first “optimistic” group, the average exchange rate of the American currency at the beginning of 2025 will stop at 42.6 hryvnia/dollar and will grow up to 45.7 hryvnia/dollar by the end of next year. The less “positive” group assumes an average rate of 42.7 hryvnia/dollar with an increase to 44.8 hryvnia/dollar by the end of 2025.

Earlier we wrote about that , what forecast about the dollar exchange rate in April the banker made in March.


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