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British intelligence announced the loudest scandal in the Russian Defense Ministry in the last 10 years, revealing details of the private life of Deputy Shoigu

ByJohn Newman

Apr 25, 2024

The day before, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense Timur Ivanov was taken into custody in the Russian Federation, reasonably suspected of corruption.

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About the fact that this case is the most “serious scandal” of the decade that occurred in the defense department of the aggressor country, taking into account the previous similar “case” when the head of an identical Russian structure, Anatoly Serdyukov, was dismissed in November 2012 , writes NBN, referring to the official X-account of the UK Ministry of Defense.

British military intelligence analysts note that Ivanov, apparently, has long established interaction with his immediate superior Sergei Shoigu, since previously held the position of Deputy Prime Minister in the government of the Moscow region in 2012, when the current head of the Russian Ministry of Defense was the governor of this region.

It should be noted that back in December of the year before last, the team of opposition politician Alexei Navalny released an investigative material about the life of the Ivanov family: the official and his wife Svetlana spent at least 1 million euros on vacations, renting villas and yachts , the purchase of jewelry and clothing, and the personal accounts of the “other half” of the functionary were replenished by a company engaged in the restoration of housing in the occupied Russian Federation Mariupol. In particular, Ivanov almost openly enriched himself by significantly inflating estimates for government construction contracts in this Ukrainian city.

Thus, information regarding Ivanov’s luxurious lifestyle is very awkwardly combined with Putin’s call for ;To the Federal Assembly (in February of this year) regarding the formation of a new national elite, consisting of heroes of the so-called “North Military District” and other military of the Russian Federation.

Earlier we wrote about how in ISW explained what was behind the detention of Shoigu’s deputy, pointing out the consequences of his arrest.


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