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The Ministry of Energy reported under what scenario power outage schedules would be introduced throughout Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Apr 5, 2024

On the night of March 29, the critical infrastructure of Ukraine withstood another large-scale attack by the Russian Federation, and although the energy system retained its integrity, the overall situation is very difficult, which is why it is periodically necessary to import electricity and vary the “disabled” regions.

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The Ministry of Energy reported under what scenario power outage schedules will be introduced throughout Ukraine

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On the fact that there is not yet a vital need for the introduction of global schedules of rolling blackouts in all regions of the country, writes NBN, citing the explanation of the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine Svetlana Grinchuk, sounded during the broadcast of the telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Grinchuk, the current situation does not provide for the introduction of schedules for the entire country. However, everyone should understand that the government and the relevant structures are not familiar with the enemy’s plans, and what further attacks by the Russian Federation will be, “large-scale and successful for them,” or, “unfortunately, with” ;consequences for us.”

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Energy recalled that only thanks to the effective round-the-clock work of our power engineers, it was possible to resolve key problematic issues, primarily related to the transmission system, which are now “under the gun” of the state – terrorist.

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