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The National Police reported on the situation around Volchansk, naming the number of remaining residents

ByJohn Newman

May 12, 2024

Early on the morning of Friday, May 10, the Russian occupation forces began a new stage of the offensive operation in the Kharkov region, initially focusing on the Volchansky direction, launching intensive attacks on both the positions of the Defense Forces and the city itself.

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The National Police reported the situation around Volchansk, naming the number of remaining residents

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On the fact that on the territory of the border Volchansk in the Kharkov region, there are still from 300 to 400 civilians, writes NBN, referring to the information voiced by the head of the Volchansk department of the National Police Maxim Stetsyna for the Telegram channel ” Suspilne-Kharkiv.”

In addition, as of late evening of Saturday, May 11, Russian artillery shelling outside the city, on the areas located between Volchansk and the village of Gatishche, has not stopped. Also, enemy planes periodically drop two to three bombs at a time, trying to hit in a chaotic manner, almost always on the private sector.

It should be recalled that on Friday, 10 May, from the territory of the Volchanskaya community and adjacent settlements in the Kharkiv region, evacuation measures were started, but not the entire population agreed to leave.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that in ISW called the key factor that could lead to the defeat of Putin’s army in the Kharkov region.


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