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The National Security and Defense Council responded to rumors about the blocking of exits from Kyiv for “mass mobilization”

ByJohn Newman

Jan 10, 2024

In recent days, Russian media began to massively disseminate information regarding the blocking of the Kiev State Military Administration of all exits from the capital of our country, first of all, the closure of passage through the Vyshgorod and South bridges for a large-scale “conscription of men” to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Photo – unian.net

About the fact that all the rumors regarding the blocking of the indicated exits from Kiev are no more than than “fake”, and the key goal of the “Kremlin mouthpieces” is to intensify panic in Ukrainian society, writes NBN, citing a refutation published in the official Telegram channel of the Center for Combating Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council.

As it became known, intending to at least somehow prove such dubious information, the Russians reinforce them with a message from the “Service for Restoration and Infrastructure Development” of the Kiev region regarding the closure of the bridge across the canal in Vyshgorod, which, in fact, blocked due to the start of capital restoration measures on the R-69 highway “Kiev/Vyshgorod/Desna/Chernigov”, and not due to the start of “mass mobilization”.

Earlier we wrote about that that Zavitnevich explained why the bill on mobilization will not be accepted in its original version.


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