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UAV attack on a military airfield in Engels: Russian media revealed details

ByJohn Newman

Jan 10, 2024

At this airbase in the city of Engels, Saratov region (Russian Federation), Tu-160 strategic bombers are stationed, which, starting from February of the year before last, have been used for large-scale air strikes on the territory of Ukraine.

UAV attack on a military airfield in Engels: Russian media revealed details

Photo – t.me/astrapress

O  some details of the attack on the Saratov region, carried out on the night of this Wednesday, January 10th, and which was complained about this morning in the defense department of the aggressor country, writes NBN, referring to the information posted in ;Telegram channel of the Russian media “ASTRA”.

Note that earlier the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated that only one attack drone, allegedly Ukrainian, was shot down over the region. However, in accordance with ASTRA data, there were more of these kamikaze drones, 2, but this number, according to Russian media, was eliminated, and the debris fell on the territory of the Engels military airfield -2.”

It should be recalled that after a successful attack on the same military facility by the invaders on December 26, 2022, three “good Russians” were killed at the airfield.

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