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Ukraine did not receive the NASAMS air defense system promised by Canada a year ago: the media found out the reason

ByJohn Newman

Jan 10, 2024

Last year, on January 10, the Canadian authorities promised to buy and transfer the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system to Kyiv. However, so far Ukraine has not received this system. The media explained the reason for the delay in sending military equipment.

Ukraine did not receive NASAMS air defense system promised by Canada a year ago: the media found out the reason

Photo – defense-ua.com

A year ago, Ottawa promised to send it to Ukraine The NASAMS air defense system, however, has not yet transferred this complex, the cost of which is $406 million, to Kyiv. As CTV News reports, even the approximate delivery dates for the system are unknown, NBN reports.

The Canadian authorities planned that they would pay the full cost of the air defense system to the American government, and Washington would enter into an agreement on the sale of equipment with Kiev. Thus, the Canadian leadership hoped to avoid the need to ask permission from the United States every time it supplied Ukraine with American-made equipment.

The media recalled that in March 2023, Ottawa paid for the promised NASAMS air defense system, which was never delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine . Now the Canadian Department of Defense is working with the American defense department to determine the timing of sending the system to Kiev.

Journalists noted that in November 2022, the Pentagon signed a $1.2 billion contract with the American weapons manufacturer Raytheon for NASAMS systems for Ukraine.

Media representatives asked the US Department of Defense whether the air defense system promised by Canada falls under this contract and when it will be handed over to Kyiv. The department advised contacting Ottawa representatives with these questions.

Recall that the pro-Russian political force in the Czech Republic demanded that Prague stop providing assistance to Ukraine. The defense department reacted sharply to the call.


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