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The NBU promises a massive return of refugees to Ukraine: the timing and number of “repatriates” are announced

ByJohn Newman

Jan 25, 2024

According to a recent study, 27 percent of refugee respondents answered affirmatively to the question whether they were ready to return even despite the war in the country, but clarified – only if appropriate security conditions are created for citizens, and, in first of all, they will provide housing and work, but the National Bank thinks a little differently.

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The NBU promises a massive return of refugees to Ukraine: the timing and number of “repatriates” have been announced

Photo – bank.gov.ua

About the fact that analysts of the bank-regulator believe that this year only a slight increase in the number of returning refugees who have returned to Ukraine is expected, but already from 2025, the “repatriation” of hundreds of thousands of people is likely, writes NBN “, referring to the statement of the Deputy Head of the NBU Sergei Nikolaychuk, sounded on the YouTube channel “National Bank of Ukraine”.

According to Nikolaychuk, this year is predicted to be insignificant, but still an increase in the number of “return” migrants, but already from next year, due to the implementation of certain measures that reduce the current degree of security risks, bankers assume that not many, and not a few, but not less, will return to Ukraine 400 000 people.

Also, the deputy head of the NBU added that this year the bank regulator expects that the volume of foreign exchange earnings from refugees to Ukraine will become somewhat smaller, since “our migrants” abroad managed to adapt and changed their tax residency.

Earlier, our news portal informed how the Office of the President of Ukraine called on the countries that received Ukrainians to “motivate” refugees to quickly return home.


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