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The occupiers demolished half a village in the Voronezh region: the Russian Ministry of Defense “justified” themselves for large-scale destruction

ByJohn Newman

Jan 2, 2024

On Tuesday, January 2, during a massive rocket attack on Ukraine, the occupiers attacked the village of Petropavlovka in the Voronezh region of the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country admitted that the invaders bombed the populated area, trying to find an excuse for the incident.

Photo – t.me/bazabazon

Telegram channel “Typical Voronezh” published footage of the large-scale consequences of the explosion in the village of Petropavlovka. It is reported that a shell fell on a populated area at around 8:15-8:30, at least six private houses were damaged, NBN reports.

At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry hastened to make excuses for the incident . The Ministry of Defense stated that the explosion, which destroyed half the village, occurred “due to an emergency release of aircraft ammunition.”

Shoigu was told that the reasons for the attack on the populated area are allegedly not yet known and a commission is working at the site of the explosion assessment of the nature of damage. The department assures that there were no casualties as a result of the fall of the weapon.

We would like to remind you that on December 31, a rocket from Putin’s occupying forces fell on the territory of the Stavropol Territory of the Russian Federation; photographs of the fragments of the ammunition were published on the Internet. The local governor hastened to reassure the Russians, giving an absurd explanation for the incident.


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