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The Rada announced the return of all restrictions for draft dodgers to the draft law on mobilization

ByJohn Newman

Apr 7, 2024

People's representatives intend to return to the “mobilization” draft law virtually all the prohibitions for citizens who evade mobilization – a review of the document's amendments will take place at the request of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

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The Rada announced the return of all restrictions for draft dodgers in the bill on mobilization

Photo – facebook.com/stefanchuk.official

About the fact that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VRU) will soon put up for a vote not only the issue regarding the refusal to provide consular services to men who have traveled abroad, but also a number of similar controversial restrictions, writes NBN. , referring to the official Facebook profile of MP Irina Friz, who is a member of the parliamentary committee on issues of national security, defense and intelligence of the Verkhovna Rada.

According to Friz, the Defense Committee has returned restrictions regarding the provision of consular services to Ukrainians for  abroad, if citizens do not have military registration documents in hand. Also, apparently, they are “reanimating” for unscrupulous military servicemen:

  • blocking bank accounts/cards;
  • banning travel abroad;
  • restrictions on driving a motor vehicle.

Photo — facebook.com/Iryna.Friz

It should be noted that People’s Deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak in his Telegram channel named the most likely date for consideration/adoption of the “mobilization” bill in the second reading:

Monday (maybe Tuesday) next week. Well, on April 10, it is very likely that the consideration will begin in the Rada hall. A 11 —final vote.

Earlier, we wrote that Shmygal recently announced a “softening” of mobilization in Ukraine.


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