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Zelensky answered whether Ukraine would refuse to receive US “credit” assistance

ByJohn Newman

Apr 7, 2024

In accordance with one of the projects of the Republican Party, Ukraine may be provided not with interest-free open financial assistance, but with a loan, which Kiev will be obliged to repay by taking frozen assets of the Russian Federation “as collateral.”

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Zelensky answered whether Ukraine will refuse to receive US 'credit' assistance

Photo – president.gov.ua

NBN writes about the fact that the government of our country is studying various options for assistance, including the “credit” model of the United States, referring to the answer voiced by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky during a telethon on the YouTube channel. TSN.”

According to Zelensky, not long ago he spoke with one of the American senators, who asked whether the Ukrainian leader would agree to receive “credit money”, to ;that the president of our country reasonably answered – “why is this choice, if there is no choice?”.

Thus, Kyiv will approve any version of financial support, in particular, the only thing that matters is the timing of the allocation of funds, because “if you offered Ukraine a package of credit today, or everything for free, but in a year, then we would say only today.”

Zelensky summed up:

There is no choice here. Our choice is to survive and win. We are trying to do this in different ways.

Earlier, we wrote about when the US Congress will finally decide to vote for allocating aid to Ukraine.


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