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The Russian Federation “toughly” reminded itself: Poland commented on the morning missile attack on Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Feb 7, 2024

Today, February 7, the troops of a terrorist state carried out another attack on the peaceful cities of our country – the forces and means of Ukrainian air defense eliminated 44 out of 64 enemy targets: only in Kiev, from the fall of debris from a downed missile, a fire broke out residential building, and it is already known about 4 dead and about 30 wounded, while similar incidents were also recorded in Nikolaev.

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Photo – t.me/andriyshTime

About that, that according to the head of the Ministry of Coordination of the Special Services of Poland, Tomasz Siemoniak, today's missile attacks on Ukrainian cities only emphasize the absolute immutability of the policy of the aggressor country and its methods of warfare, writes NBN, citing the PAP material.

According to Semonyak, if anyone believed that the Russian Federation intended to soften its course at least a little, then the morning of this Wednesday showed that “nothing came of it,” the war will not stop and” nothing is changing here.”

The Polish official added that Western countries should draw the right conclusions by continuing to help Ukraine, since our state “needs this support in the interests of the free world, and Russia  ;this is a cruel reminder.”

Earlier, we wrote about what residential areas of Kyiv look like after the morning missile strike.


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