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Peskov explained why Putin refuses to give interviews to Western media

ByJohn Newman

Feb 7, 2024

Representative of the Russian Presidential Administration Dmitry Peskov explained why Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin gave an interview to Trumpist Tucker Carlson, while refusing to communicate with representatives of Western media.

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Peskov explained why Putin refuses to give interviews to Western media

Photo – rbc.ru

On Wednesday, February 7, Putin’s speaker said that the Kremlin receives many requests from Western journalists for interviews with the head of the Russian Federation. As Peskov explained, representatives of these media allegedly do not even try to look impartial when covering events, NBN reports with reference to Kreschatic.

The Russian leader’s press secretary said that the aggressor president has no desire to communicate with Western television channels and major publications, in addition, in Moscow they believe that this will not be of any benefit.

The Kremlin representative noted that Putin agreed to give an interview to Tucker Carlson because his position differs from that of his Western colleagues. The speaker of the head of the Russian Federation denies that the Trumpist takes a pro-Russian position, saying that it is supposedly pro-American.

Recall that the media commented on Carlson’s criticism of the Western press, saying that he was following the instructions of the Russian authorities.


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