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The Ukrainian Navy explained under what conditions the Russian fleet will not be able to dominate the Black Sea

ByJohn Newman

Mar 3, 2024

Since the beginning of the full-scale aggression against Ukraine, thanks to the effective work of the GRU, SBU and the Defense Forces of our country, the Russian Black Sea Fleet has suffered large-scale losses, missing, in addition to several large landing craft and the flagship, a couple more launch vehicles.

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The Ukrainian Navy explained under what conditions the Russian Navy will not be able to dominate the Black Sea

Photo – flot.sevastopol.info

About the fact that, in accordance with the latest data, more than 20 percent of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation have either been completely “utilized” or withdrawn from the formation due to receiving very serious damage, as well as how this will affect the activity of enemy naval groups in the Black Sea, writes NBN, citing the opinion of Captain 1st Rank of the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Andrey Ryzhenko, voiced in the broadcast of the telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Ryzhenko, from an operational point of view, the “red line” indicating a significant depletion of the potential of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is the loss of 40 percent of ships . In particular, in such a scenario, the enemy will completely lose the ability to carry out those operational tasks that the command assigns to him.

However, such figures apply only to the surface group of the Black Sea Fleet, for example, after the formation of an assault landing force detachment, if the number of destroyed forces and means exceeds 40 percent of its composition, then the enemy will lose the opportunity to fully carry out its tasks.

Earlier we wrote about the fact that analysts showed which part of the Black Sea The fleet of the Russian Federation was liquidated by Ukraine.


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