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The US Senate called for checking the intended use of “every dollar” allocated to Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Apr 8, 2024

Consideration of a comprehensive support package, including assistance to Ukraine, will begin only after the House of Representatives returns from recess, and, apparently, the document will include a number of “some important innovations”, not just “the concept loan.”

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About the fact that for the final adoption of the above-described package of financial assistance to Ukraine, it is necessary to first make sure that all funds provided are directed specifically to weapons, and they can be tracked, writes NBN, citing to a statement by US Senator from the Republican Party Joni Ernst, published in an exclusive interview for Radio Liberty.

Ernst voiced the above remark while answering a question regarding acceptable conditions for Republicans and Democrats to allow promptly and effectively conduct voting on the project proposed by US Congress Speaker Mike Johnson.

The Republican senator explained her point of view:

We need to make sure the American public understands that we can keep an eye on how all these dollars are spent.

We've previously written about the vote in the US House of Representatives regarding the continuation of military support for Ukraine will take place no earlier than mid-April.


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