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The White House said Putin “wins every day” due to lack of US aid to Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Feb 27, 2024

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that due to the delay in passing a new aid package for Ukraine by the US House of Representatives, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin is “winning every day.”

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The White House said that Putin is “winning every day” due to the lack of assistance to Ukraine from the United States

Photo – facebook. com/ukr.embassy.usa

A White House representative said that the bipartisan majority in the US House of Representatives is ready to accept an aid package for Kiev if it comes to negotiations, NBN reports with reference to the British edition of The Guardian .

According to Biden's national security adviser, when Ukraine is not provided with the resources it needs, the head of the Kremlin “wins every day.”

Journalists also drew attention to the statement of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Polish Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski during a speech on February 26 at the Atlantic Council think tank in Washington.

The diplomat said that if the US aid bill for Ukraine fails and Russian occupation forces advance at the front, House Speaker Mike will be to blame Johnson, who does not allow voting.

As reported, the head of the Israeli government, Benjamin Netanyahu, accused the United States of insufficient assistance to his country, which is fighting the Palestinian terrorists Hamas.


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