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Those who shot the policemen in the Vinnytsia region serve in the Ground Forces – command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Apr 20, 2024

Earlier in the 28th Mechanized Brigade named after. “Knights of the Winter March” (South Defense Forces) denied information regarding the affiliation of the killer of a policeman and accomplice in this crime in the Vinnytsia region to their unit.

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Photo – informator.ua

About the fact that the video footage of the shooting of a policeman in the Vinnytsia region, distributed in the country's media space, recorded servicemen of a certain military unit, writes NBN, referring to information published in the Telegram channel of the Ground Forces troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the command of the Ground Forces, in addition to the facts described above, they intend to provide maximum assistance in comprehensive and impartial investigative measures regarding today’s murder of one policeman and the injury of a second.

In addition, the command of the Ground Forces expresses deep condolences to the family of policeman Maxim Zaretsky, who died during the night attack in the Vinnytsia region, while simultaneously noting that this tragedy is an irreparable loss, and all those guilty of this crime must suffer “the most severe punishment “.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the Prosecutor General's Office announced the possible involvement of the military in the shooting of police officers in the Vinnytsia region.


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