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Tyson was blown away – ex-world champion Kovalev spoke about Usik’s chances of winning a fight with Fury

ByJohn Newman

May 7, 2024

There are just over two weeks left before the fight between the British Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury and the Ukrainian Aleksandr Usik for the absolute heavyweight title – the fight will take place on May 18 in the capital of Saudi Arabia, the city of Riyadh.

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Tyson was blown away — ex-world champion Kovalev spoke about Usik’s chances of winning the fight with Fury</p Photo – championat.com

About the opinion of the former light heavyweight world champion, Russian Sergey Kovalev, regarding the outcome of the fight Usik vs. Fury, writes “NBN”, referring to the YouTube channel of Georgy Drozd “Ushataika”.

According to Kovalev, the Briton was not adequately prepared even for the fight with the Cameroonian Francis Ngannou, but for the fight with a Mustache can improve its characteristics to excellent. In addition, after studying the fight between the “Gypsy King” and Ngannou, we can safely say that “Tyson was blown away,” somewhat underestimating the Cameroonian boxer.

The ex-champion added:

He came out and thought that it would be an easy fight, but he, on the contrary, got ready, and like this it worked out.

Also, Kovalev believes that Usik has much more skills that allow him to achieve victory, in particular, the chances of triumph are “60 to 40” in favor of our athlete, because “Sanya is cunning, resourceful, dexterous.”

Earlier, we wrote about how Fury boastfully demonstrated how he had noticeably improved his form in anticipation of the fight with Usik.


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