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Which banks do Ukrainians prefer to store funds in? NBU rating

ByJohn Newman

Apr 11, 2024

At the end of last month, citizens of Ukraine opened deposits in more than 60 domestic financial institutions, 67.9 million deposits amounting to 1.208 trillion hryvnia.

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Which banks do Ukrainians prefer to store funds — NBU rating

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About which Ukrainian financial institutions are most trusted by wealthy citizens, writes “NBN”, referring to statistics published on the official page of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

As you can guess almost immediately, the leaders in the maximum volume of deposit accounts were the state-owned PrivatBank&nbsp ;— no less than 24 million Ukrainians entrusted about 452.6 billion hryvnia to this financial institution.

Second place was expectedly taken by the similar state-owned Oschadbank – here 12.9 million Ukrainians store about 189.1 billion hryvnia.

In the third column of the “banking rating” is the private financial institution “UniversalBank” or its more common name, “MonoBank”: 8.2 million citizens hold funds here, ;total amount of 84.1 billion hryvnia.

The rating of other banks in Ukraine is as follows:

Which banks do Ukrainians prefer to store funds — NBU rating

Photo — bank.gov.ua

Earlier, our information wrote about the fact that the NBU demonstrated how the inflation index in the country had changed sharply at the beginning of April.


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