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Zelensky revealed a scenario in which the armies of Western countries will defend Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Apr 20, 2024

At the very beginning of spring, French President Emmanuel Macron suggested that his country might send its troops to Ukraine, but only under certain circumstances.

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Zelensky revealed a scenario in which the armies Western countries will defend Ukraine

Photo – president.gov.ua

About the fact that the troops of the allied states, judging by the ;everything, will be able to help our country in repelling enemy missile attacks, as happened during the massive attack on Israel, NBN writes, citing an explanation posted on the official Telegram account of Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky.

According to Zelensky, we are not talking about the open introduction of foreign ground forces into our territory, but only concerns the participation of aircraft “that would fire at missiles.”

In particular, the aviation of France, the Baltics, Germany and the UK will be able to safely rise above their territory, and, of course, shoot down missiles flying towards Ukraine, since they often threaten neighboring states, – “already been [numerous] facts have been recorded with Poland and Romania.”

The President of Ukraine emphasized:

I will only be grateful for  This. If we have such proposals, then why not.

Earlier, we wrote about how Zelensky called the minimum amount of air defense/missile defense needed for Ukraine to “cover” the sky.


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