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A naked party was held at a Ukrainian resort: a sex scandal

A naked party took place in Transcarpathia, striking the audience with its shocking extravagance. Tourists who came to the Izki eco-resort for the New Year holidays arranged this unexpected entertainment under the guise of “yoga lessons.” The event caused a great resonance, and the video of the naked party went viral, causing outrage and discussion, writes WomanEL.

Journalist Vitaly Glagola revealed the details of the incident in his Telegram channel. According to him, the Love Camp company, consisting of 38 tourists from other regions, booked a conference room at the Izki eco-resort, holding a sex event under the guise of special spiritual classes.

How to save the power of gadgets when traveling Dresses from the Ukrainian brand appeared on the cover of the glossy magazine Bazaar Tourists in Transcarpathia surprised with their erotic New Year's evening, turning yoga classes into an unforgettable intimate party. Source: t.me/VGlagola

The guests refused the service staff and celebrated on their own. According to information provided by the organizers, the “yoga” program included morning meditations, bodily exercises and other esoteric practices. At the same time, Netizens saw naked men and women dancing, drinking and having intimate fun.

Network reaction:

  • Our guys are dying there for what?
  • The elite are getting high , and the country is dying;
  • We are finished with such citizens;
  • Horror!

This loud celebration of New Year's days caused mixed reactions from the public. Many people condemn such fun in times of war. The online community is actively discussing this scandalous incident, posting photos and videos from the event, which will definitely remain in the memory of not only the participants, but also fans of non-standard entertainment.

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